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Chimney Repairs Dublin

Expert chimney repairs Dublin. Chimneys can be an area of concern for you roof structure. As chimneys gets older certain areas of its construction can begin to fail. This can leave you with cause for concern for your roof structure as water can damage rafters and cause the timbers to rot and create structural damage. There could also be some water staining on your ceiling inside your home that would need to be repaired as quickly as possible. Damaged flashings such as leadwork or copper would need to be repaired to help prevent any structural damage as soon as possible.

Chimney Repairs Dublin

The actual chimneys structure itself may need to be repaired. Cracked chimney liners may need to be replaced or the chimney cap may be damaged due to adverse weather conditions and may need replaced or pointing. This is when you need to call Dublin Roofing Experts. We have over 30 years’ experience in providing a professional and reliable roofing service in Dublin.


We can call to your home or business and give you a FREE detailed quoatation and timescale on any roofing job that you may have.


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Our initial visit will help us assess your roof and give you a clear break down of the roofing work involved and the time frame.

Chimney Repairs
Chimney Repairs

Dublin Roofing Experts can look after any chimney repair work you may need. Whether it be structural repair or some chimney touch ups to have it looking like new again.

Chimney Repairs Dublin
Chimney Repairs

If you notice any water damage inside your property or your chimney is starting to look unsightly and dated, then drop us a call or get in touch here and we will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a time and date that suits you to call and give you a FREE no obligation quote on your chimney repairs Dublin.

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Client Testimonial

Our chimney developed a leak due to some weathered flashing and caused some serious damage inside our home. We called the guys at Dublin Roofing Experts and they were with us within 1 hour and got to work straight away. I was relieved to get the job repaired quickly. Thanks Dublin Roofing Experts, great job!

Finbar Keightley, Lucan, Dublin. 5 Gold Stars